The German Barcode Of Life initiative (GBOL) sets up a reference library of DNA Barcodes for the german fauna, flora und fungi. Funded by the German Ministry of Education and Research, the initiative achieves its goals in consecutive project phases since 2011.

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GBOL was and is building a comprehensive DNA barcode reference library for the animals, plants and fungi of Germany. GBOL took profit in integrating taxonomic experts from entire Germany.

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GBOL III: Dark Taxa

GBOL III: Dark Taxa will address a range of questions related to the “Dark Taxa”, in particular Diptera (flies & midges) & parasitoid Hymenoptera (parasitoid wasps). Beside the study of these taxa and the training of a new generation of taxonomists the major aim is to fill in gaps in the DNA barcode reverence library.

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DNA Barcode Reference Library

Access to the DNA barcode reference library is open for everyone. Search for barcodes of the german species or identify species by your barcode data. We continuously add new references.

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The GBOL projects are financed by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research


The Caucasian Barcode of Life CaBOL-Project aims to catalogue numerous animal and plant species of the Caucasus. The Caucasus region is one of our planet’s biodiversity hotspots. Based on the experiences of GBOL, CaBOL will establish a DNA barcode reference database made publicly available.

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